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The Harm Prevention Project

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specialising in overcoming harm by preventing




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Join the thousands of people who have used Janine’s solutions. Here at HPS, we like to make things feel simple with our expert knowledge, kindness and care.

We make sure that we’ve got every area of complex people problems covered for you as a private client or business leader.

Managing Sexual Harassment, Domestic & Family Violence or Bullying situations are often overwhelming, so we have created a new Harm Prevention Blueprint for people to be safer and thrive so they can show up their best at home and work when it matters the most.

Our confidential 1:1 YrSAFER™ coaching for private clients and our EASIER-C® system for business leaders are simple, affordable and easy to use, even for those with extraordinary needs.

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Based on helping over 11,000 families delivering people safety solutions to solve the hidden harm problem

Preventing Domestic & Family Violence, Sexual Harassment & Bullying at Home and Work

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Those who are affected share with me it feels like there is no end in sight, they feel trapped.

I see their fear. I hear their uncertainty and sense of injustic as they confide in the toll it’s taken on them, despite being the strongest of individuals.

This is why it’s time to end the unnecessary suffering caused by the fear of professional people not knowing what to do to help themselves or someone else, and coaching people on how to do this safely.


My aim is to share with business leaders and affected professionals how to overcome harm.

Using my specialist roadmap, you will stay one step ahead to eliminate damaging unacceptable or criminal behaviours, you will gather the right evidence required to prove your circumstances and you will get the right tools and processes to speak up safely to stop the cycle of harm.

I’m passionate about powering up people to know what to do to go from months or years of being obstructed to living unrestricted.

My mission is to overcome harm by helping people safely regain control of their thoughts, feelings and responses.

My promise is to give people their lives back to be happier and healthier by showing them how to be safer, smarter, and more resilient and coachable than those who are causing the harm.

Together, we can do this my friends as a team xx

Specialising in helping business leaders & professionals overcome harm 

from ongoing experiences of


at work and home

Janine is widely regarded as one of New Zealand and Australia’s best private and confidential harm prevention coaches

Janine is a global expert delivering best practice reducing and preventing safer sexual harassment, domestic & family violence or abuse and child protection

For over 26 years Janine has been a highly respected detective, private investigator and business owner delivering harm prevention solutions to families, saving lives

Specialising in Delivering Harm Solutions and Resolving Complex People Problems

Janine is a mother of two adult children. She is uniquely positioned to understand the hidden risk of ongoing harm to people affected by Sexual Harassment, Domestic & Family Violence and Bullying flowing in and out of home and work.

Janine has worked front-line for more than
25 years delivering safety solutions to over 11,000 families as a Company Director, Detective and Senior New Zealand Police Manager investigating high-profile criminal cases and leading teams to solve serious crimes, preventing harm in homes and workplaces.

She too had experienced Domestic Abuse while working as Senior Police Officer and she quickly learnt even if people know what they should do, they can’t resolve these problems alone.

Janine unique personal circumstances and professional expertise enables her to establish an instant trust and rapport with affected people to not only be safer and feel safer, but also focus on health and wellbeing.

She has dedicated her life to helping courageous individuals and business leaders struggling to overcome harm so they can show up the best when it matters the most at home and work to thrive and live their best life.

Janine is undoubtedly regarded as one of New Zealand and Australia’s leading voices and coaches globally on the subject of preventing harm.

Read what others are saying

“So happy with Harm Prevention Solutions! They are friendly and exceptionally knowledgeable, ensuring safety, privacy, and optimal outcomes. I have had the pleasure of working with Janine on several work-related projects as well as helping private professionals, and I could not be happier with the results. I would recommend her to anyone looking to stop harm from happening, both at work and at home. I really cannot say enough good things about her and what she does.”

Natasha Hawker

Director, Employee Matters

Janine has provided an invaluable support structure to many of our clients. Her advice, experience and capacity to work collaboratively with other experts delivers a level of service that ensures vulnerable people are heard, understood and protected during their time of need.”

Fraser Murray

Family Lawyer, Life Law Solutions

“I have had the privilege of collaborating with Janine in this very important societal space. The knowledge, experience and national level strategy perspective she brings is embedded in practical empathy. This makes Harm Prevention Solutions the missing link in not only 1:1 support but in business, government and health frameworks as we move forward.”


Senior Manager, Queensland Health

“In a number of cases there was significant risk to the individuals involved. Janine was able to talk through an incredibly complicated process in a language front-line practitioners could understand and link key individuals to ensure persons at risk were now safe and a stronger coordinated service was in place.”

Executive, NZ Government Agency